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PAL allows me all the privacy I need in my studio apartment, as well as fellowship with the other tenants and the extended PAL community.  I am blessed to call PAL Stratford my home. 



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101 Brunswick – A History

101 Brunswick Street is the heart of the PAL Stratford mission. Built by Dr. George Deacon in 1906, this beautiful craftsman still carries the good doctor’s name. In 1987, the building was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Using wood shingling, concrete and natural finished wood, Dr. Deacon built a house, but it was his business that grew within the walls. His pioneering practice was the first to introduce x-ray technology to our town, making him one of the most prominent local physicians at the time. His office was on the west side of the main floor and patients stopped in just off the driveway, the entrance still clearly visible today. He certainly kept busy in his years at 101 Brunswick, serving as district surgeon to the Grand Trunk Railway.

George and his wife, Jeanette Deacon, had four children: Benjamin, Arthur, Crosby, and Louise. The Deacons’, however respected, also courted controversy.  The second family in Stratford to own a motor car, their preferred method of transit proved frightful to the horses that helped their neighbours get around.

George and Jeanette Deacon are buried in Avondale cemetery.

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