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PAL Place Update 5
Note from Amanda Ryan

July 20, 2012

This week I thought you might like to have some numbers:

  • 5.5 is the number of kitchens we need to furnish,
  • 7 is the number of bathrooms we are working on,
  • 7 is also the number of tons of material we have removed from the building so far,
  • 15 is the number of doors we have for sale,
  • 3 is the number of months Vic and I have been working on the building,
  • 58 is the number of curtain rods we will need to purchase,
  • 6,000 is the square footage of the building, and
  • We will need to purchase wall to wall carpet for 1 whole floor plus 2 bedrooms.


  • We are reusing as many of the existing appliances, vanities, lights, and ceiling fans as we can.
  • We are also recycling the panelling by reusing it in the green room and the Milan.
  • We continue to progress and will start the dig for the new doorway into the basement and new electrical service and water lines next week.

If you would like to request a tour, please make an appointment. We have two spare hardhats and ask you to wear closed-toed shoes. Don, our contractor is very good at looking after our safety which means obeying his requests. We are a construction site and need to follow Ministry of Labour guidelines.

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