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PAL Place Update 4
Note from Amanda Ryan

July 5, 2012

Vic and I are really excited to be working on this project and work continues in spite of the heat. We are glad to finally have our building permit. With the contractor, plumbers, and soon the electricians working on site, things are happening quickly.

We will finish the tear-out soon and have started on the rebuild. I look forward to the finishing stages though I know that will not happen for a while. We take all of the electrical and mechanical issues for granted but they are the bulk of the work and the most expensive part and yet for the most part are not seen. More happens than we realize behind that last coat of paint and when the carpets are laid.

If you would like to request a tour, please make an appointment. We have two spare hardhats and ask you to wear closed-toed shoes. Don, our contractor is very good at looking after our safety which means obeying his requests. We are a construction site and need to follow Ministry of Labour guidelines.

Over the next few weeks we will be presenting the various areas we are working on -- check the list at upper right and click on the links to see our progress and our To Do List accomplishments.

Current estimates suggest we have removed as much as six tons of material from the building to date.

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