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Caring for our Own …

About PAL Stratford: the case for support. As we reward with our applause the artists who delight us, we often assume that success (and sometimes even celebrity) on stage, on screen, on the radio, in the opera house or in the concert hall brings with it some promise of security. In other words, we subscribe to the notion that someone who has “made it” in the arts can look forward to a reasonably comfortable retirement.

Unfortunately the reality is that few members of the professional and performing arts community are fortunate enough to become “stars.” Nor does even the highest degree of artistic success come with any guarantee of social, emotional and psychological support in years to come. The dedication demanded by a career in the performing arts can be all-consuming – with devastating results later on for those who find themselves isolated by old age, ill health, or disability from their peers and from the beloved profession to which they have devoted their lives.

Such adversity can afflict not only performers themselves but also the countless others whose work is no less essential to the health and vitality of our cultural industries – everyone from stage managers to stage hands, from makeup artists to arts administrators. And, because of the challenging economics of their profession, even some of the most celebrated among them face severely straitened circumstances in their senior years, lacking the resources and assets needed to sustain themselves as their careers draw to a close.

PAL Stratford is dedicated to assisting members of the professional and performing arts community in areas of well-being and affordable accommodation. Help us help them and, in return, we invite you to take your own … little bow.

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